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Before you drink your favorite soda or eat your favorite acidic food, think about your smile. Every acidic product we consume wears down our teeth and slowly destroys our smiles; this is called tooth erosion.

Tooth erosion is a common dental issue in the world today that occurs when acid attacks your teeth and wears down the enamel. There are many products that consume this harmful acid, and some of those products are carbonated beverages, wine, fruit juices, yogurt, pickles, and honey. There are other things that can also cause tooth erosion, like bulimia and acid reflux. If your smile is starting to erode, you will notice the following symptoms:

· Sensitivity: Tooth sensitivity is one of the major signs of tooth erosion. When the acid attacks your teeth, it tears the protective enamel away, making them extremely sensitive. This will cause a jolt of pain in your smile when you consume hot or cold beverages and foods.

· Discoloration: When your teeth are eroded, the outside enamel is torn away from the tooth, exposing the underlying dentin. This will cause tooth discoloration and will make your smile look yellow.

· Rounded teeth: As the acid erodes your teeth, it will wear away the edges, making them more rounded.

· Cracks: Cracks, chips, and roughness may appear on the edges of your teeth.

· Cupping: The acid may also cause dents and craters on the outsides of your teeth. This is known as cupping. The erosion might also make it appear as though your dental fillings are rising out of your teeth.

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