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If you had to guess as to why every dentist encourages you to get any needed orthodontic work done, what would you guess motivates them to encourage orthodontic treatment?

It’s not due to a referral bonus from their friend down the street who’s an orthodontist. It’s not because they think you’d look much better with straight teeth. It’s all rooted in the fact that straight teeth are much healthier than crooked ones, and that your oral health is directly tied to your overall health.

Why bother with alignment?

Aligning your teeth is critical for more reasons than you might think. When your teeth aren’t straight and in their proper order, this creates more hard angles in your mouth. That results in more places that are difficult to clean, either by brushing or flossing. Straight teeth are much easier to clean, thereby reducing the risk of cavities, gum disease, and other oral health problems.

We offer straightening services here at Smiley Dental Arlington in Arlington, Texas. These are designed to accomplish the goals mentioned above – an improved appearance is just a great benefit.

In all reality, you need to take a straight smile seriously. It’ll benefit you in more ways than one, and it’s worth the time and money. If you’re ready for your straight smile, call us today at 682.558.8720 for more information.