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Children — especially children under 6 years old — will need help learning to care for their teeth and gums in the right way. Because first teeth usually appear at around six months of age, you’ll need to be helping your children from their first years until they can brush by themselves.

One of the most important things you can do is teaching your children to brush their teeth. For small children, you’ll only need a small amount of toothpaste; a toothpaste drop the size of a grain of rice will be appropriate for children age 3 and below, and a drop the size of a pea will work for children aged 4–6.

Another important thing you can do to help your children with their oral health is bringing them into our office. We will be able to ensure that your children’s teeth are growing properly, and we will fix any cosmetic or developmental oral problems we find. In addition to scheduling oral checkups with our dentist, plan a diet full of healthy foods for your child; sugary foods, drinks, and candies can disrupt even the best dental treatments.

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